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Garphyttan Original Summer Shirt Khaki

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Garphyttan Original Summer Shirt is a lightweight shirt perfect for both hard work and demanding outdoor activities.

Color: Khaki
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The Garphyttan Original Summer Shirt in Khaki is a lightweight shirt, perfect for when you need to stay cool during physical work or outdoor activities. Its main feature is that it’s very fast-drying if it gets damp or wet.

The Original Summer Shirt is a traditional shirt that can easily be combined with an underlayer.

You will find our unique underarm pockets under the arms, perfect for valuables such as your mobile or reading glasses. These pockets are positioned so that the objects are stored safely as well as being easily accessible, and so that the contents remain in place when you bend forward. If you have a lighter or something battery-powered in your pocket, your body heat keeps them warm so that they work better.

The sleeves of the shirt can be adjusted with the two buttons on the wrists, of which the top button makes it easier to roll up the sleeve.


Data sheet

  • Material
    100% Polyester
  • Properties
    Cool and comfortable
    Fast drying
    Underarm pockets
  • Fit
  • Gender

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