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About Garphyttan

“Our garments should be functional aids and work in harmony with its users. In a close dialogue and with focus on showing our development process, we achieve just that." - Johan Skullman

Garphyttan is the result of a genuine interest in the interaction between man and nature and the function and design of our products should inspire and enable an outdoor life regardless of outdoor activity. Garphyttan's goal is to create functional and qualitative garments for all activities and the basis for good quality is to understand both the purpose of a garment but also its users. This means that the user can always rely on the clothes and equipment we develop. We blur the boundaries between outdoor activities and our clothes are suitable for outdoor work as well as hiking, fishing or hunting, our garments set no boundaries. 


We always work for sustainable and durable solutions in every aspect when we create our clothes. We are proud to present the results of this work in the form of Garphyttan.

Behind the development of Garphyttan's products is Johan Skullman, who for decades has worked professionally with clothing systems and material development for both military and civilian use. This experience results in clothes with well-thought-out functions, practical solutions and careful material choices.

Johan Skullman

Since childhood, nature has been an important component of Johan's life, his active outdoor life and a great interest in orientation and cross-country skiing characterized his entire upbringing.

Johan is a well-known profile in the outdoor world and has long experience in development and educational assignments. He currently works as an expert for some of the Nordic region's largest players in outdoor and has previously worked with product development for one of the largest global producers in outdoor equipment.

Johan has worked for decades with systems and materials development for military use. In addition to his work as an officer for 30 years, he has, besides many military special skills, also formal education in work physiology, textile and clothing technology and functional design. He regularly holds courses and advanced training courses that give the participants excellence in, among other things, forestry, hunting, wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation. Johan also has deep knowledge of survival and has worked with this in both Swedish forests and challenging international environments.

The area of Garphyttan

Garphyttan symbolizes the old farming community with life on farms and work in forest, land, mills, cabins and forges. Raw materials from rock and soil were refined into products for everyday use. The boundary between work and leisure, man and nature, indoors and outdoors was not as clear as it is today.

Garphyttan wants to safeguard these bygone ideals through its name and philosophies. They lived in nature without wasting its resources, in symbiosis with its surroundings and hard life. Every day demanded durable and reliable products.