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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Interteko AB Surahammar originates from philosophies regarding consideration for human and nature. Interteko AB Surahammar strives to achieve as little negative environmental impact as possible for the activities conducted and the products produced. This includes a constant strive to be at the forefront and to find new innovative solutions to minimize the environmental impact and to contribute to a positive climate for the parties that are affected by the activities. We also want to a contribute to a positive impact on the environment as far as possible.

Interteko AB Surahammar’s environment and sustainability work will be conducted in an active and structured manner and will be measurable and presentable. This includes keeping the energy usage low, choosing processes that use as little resources as possible and to use the least harmful processes to conduct all activities at hand.

The work also includes following and all applicable rules and regulations that are applicable to the business and to analyze and monitor suppliers and other parties in order to procure that they follow any and all applicable rules and regulations and that they conduct an active and presentable environment and sustainability work that is compliant with human rights, work environment and health as well as with due and proper care for nature.

The suppliers that Interteko AB Surahammar currently engages are compliant with, e.g., the following certifications OEKO-TEX, Amfori BSCI, LETIS, Fairtrade, SMETA, ACCORD etc.

Interteko AB Surahammar’s environment and sustainability work also includes requirements in relation to suppliers to, e.g., choose packaging material, means of logistics etc. to minimize negative effects on the environment.

This environment and sustainability policy is a public document and shall actively be communicated to employees, customers and suppliers that contribute to and are part of the activities of Interteko AB Surahammar.