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Garphyttan Specialist Fleece Brown

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Garphyttan Kraft Fleece is a between garment for cold days.

Color: Brown
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Garphyttan Specialist Fleece is an excellent garment to wear as a mid-layer during cold days. The Specialist Fleece is incredibly durable with lots of smart features that gives it a wide range of use. It also suits as an outer garment during warmer evenings and mornings.

Garphyttan Specialist Fleece is equipped with two chest pockets for easy access to smaller accessories such as your compass, pocket knife or other important equipment. The fleece is also equipped with two hand pockets for storage of important accessories or for warming your hands. The Garphyttan Specialist Fleece is equipped with two ventilation zippers, one on each side, enabling you to manage the airflow for different situations. The Specialist fleece is also equipped with a warm adjustable hood.

The Garphyttan Specialist Fleece has a flexible and comfortable sleeve cuff which is invaluable when you have a jacket over the fleece. The soft sleeve is great together with different types of warm gloves. The fleece has a thumb grip that not only holds the sleeves in place, but also ensures that important parts around the wrist are kept warm.

Garphyttan Specialist Fleece is guaranteed to be a durable alternative for those who want to stay warm and comfortable when enjoying nature.


Data sheet

  • Material
    91% Polyester / 9% Spandex
  • Properties
    Breast pockets.
    Perfect reinforcement garment.
    Soft sleeve ends.
    Ventilation Zipper.
  • Fit
  • Weight
    645g (size L)
  • Gender

Garphyttan Specialist...

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